Shipping and Return

Postage and handling

Transport amount is calculated in a base of the delivery destination, items acquired and packaging used. Delivery costs will be shown on the page where summarizes the purchase before the ordered conformation.
Delivery will be done through an international and prestigious courier companies.

Shipping costs depending on the destination:

The Netherlands
FREE SHIPPING OVER 70€0.00€(1 - 3 Working Days)
PARCEL (0-10kg)4.50€(1 - 3 Working Days)
BIG PARCEL (0-20kg)ask a quote!

Zone 1

Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Luxemburg, Austria, United Kingdom

FREE SHIPPING OVER 100€0.00€(1 - 3 Working Days)
PARCEL LETTER6.50€(1 - 3 Working Days)
PARCEL 0-20kg11.75€(2 - 4 Working Days)
Zone 2

Hungary, Poland, Chech Republic

FREE SHIPPING OVER 150€0.00€(2 - 4 Working Days)
PARCEL LETTER6.50€(2 - 4 Working Days)
PARCEL 0-20kg13.75€(2 - 4 Working Days)
Zone 3
Italy, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ireland, Bulgaria, Finland, Estland, Letland, Litvania
FREE SHIPPING OVER 175€0.00€(2 - 4 Working Days)
PARCEL LETTER11.50€(2 - 4 Working Days)
PARCEL 0-20kg22.50€(3 - 5 Working Days)
Zone 4

USA United States of America, Russia, Brazilia, Argentina, 
United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Irak, Syria


SELES is not responsible for any additional cost or refund as special taxes in the destination, customs or similar methods. 

Payments-Shipping and delivery 

Products offered are distributed in The Netherlands and in the following countries of the European Union: Portugal, Andorra, Gibraltar, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark,Hungary,Spain , Italy, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Norway, Croatia and Switzerland. 
We also offer the possibility of delivery out of the European Union, but you should ask for an estimate because it will depend on the destination. You can ask for a shipment form to and we will send the proposals that suit you better. 
In the purchase form, we will ask the client a shipping address in the usual working time. SELES will be not responsible for any mistake done by the delivery once the address specified by the client is wrong or some information has been omitted. We won’t deliver to Post Office Box and the breach of any of these requirements entails to the automatic cancellation of the ordering product. 
SELESDESIGN BV sends every order to their clients through different express transport companies well known in the national and international areas.

Delivery time

Delivery time is between 1 day and 4 working days (The Netherlands) for national delivery and for those internationals around 3 and 5 working days after processing the order. These are guiding periods and SELES keeps the right of delaying for matters outside the company. In any case we will always try to reduce the delivery period to secure a faster and efficient ordering reception. 
The fact of having paid and order in advance doesn’t mean that SELES has to complete the processing in case of circumstances outside the company or stock out. 
Orders are sent from Monday to Friday, except for local and national official holidays. SELES will not be responsible of unexpected delays for logistic reasons or circumstances beyond our control. 
The maximum delay for delivering products will be 30 days after processing the order (transit period can be altered from the impacts of the haulier and problems on shipping goods).

In case of delivery delays, SELES will inform their clients. For delivery, the client or an authorized person will have to be on the specified address of the order form. In case of not being at the mentioned place or being not possible to deliver the order for any other circumstances, the private transit company will contact with the purchaser to fix a different date for a new delivery day. 
Passed 7-10 working days after delivery of order not being possible to deliver it, the buyer will have to contact Selesdesign BV. In the contrary, passed 10 working days from the delivery first day the product will be sent back to our stores and the buyer will have to precede the shipping, the returning and procedure (administration cost, handeling charges) fees of the product. The amount will be refunded through the same payment system applied, with the exception of the fees shown previously.

Refunds on faulty products

In the case you consider the moment of delivery does not suit to the stipulate contract, you will have to contact us immediately through our contact form or giving us the product details and damage or calling us to +31 297 548666 and we will tell you the steps to follow.
The product can be refunded to a courier and we will examine carefully the refund product telling you by email in a reasonable delay if you may refund it or change it (depending on the circumstances). 
Refund or replacement will be done as soon as possible and in any case within 30 days following the date we sent you an email accepting your procedure with the withdrawal or replacement of the article. Amounts paid for those articles already returned for any fault or defect will be repaid in his total amount, including delivery costs. Refund will be done whatever payment method you used at the purchase time. All rights are reserved from current legislation.